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My ICT journey

I have just completed another assignment and was reflecting back on how far my ICT ability has come since beginning this degree 2.5 year ago. When I first started doing my assignments I hardly looked at any online sources and nearly all my resources and references came from books checked out the library. Then I discovered EndNote and that made my life easier and encouraged me to look at more journals for information. When writing my assignments I did so by hand in a note book and then transposed them into word, double work and very time consuming. After finishing my latest assignment I had not hand written anything. All my ideas and notes were in word, my  articles of interest were down loaded into Diigo and though I still had books, about half my information came from online sources. I could not imagine life without Feedly, it is a wonderful tool for keeping me in the loop on subjects I am interested in. Simple technology has certainly changed the way I do things and made my life easier.

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‘Look up’ You Tube video

I have just finished reading Tamra-Lee’s blog about the ‘look up” video that was posted on Face Book. It has had quite an impact on her and is worth reading. Her blog is at My 19 yr daughter left her phone at home the other day and came home full of stories about how it had affected her day. Most importantly she did not have the time and ran late for all her lectures, she missed catching up with a friend when he change the venue. When she got home she had 6 snap chats, 8 text messages and numerous unanswered emails. She commented about how weird the day was, to be out of reach, and have no contact with anyone. I asked how she felt about it and she at first it was a bit stressful but then she found it really liberating not to be tied to her phone and she really had a great day.  Needless to say she has not left her phone behind again and is back letting it rule her life. The link to the video if you have not seen it is Thanks again to Tamara-Lee for her great blog and link to the video.


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Apps for students with autism

I found this great visual wheel, much like a Blooms taxonomy wheel, that has all the Apps that would be helpful for students with ASD. What is great is that it looks at all educational Apps not just ones designed for students with ASD. Students with autism have many of the same learning characteristics as other students. I think the most important factor to remember when selecting Apps for the students in our class is to ensure their diverse learning needs are being met irrespective of their different diagnosis. Although this wheel focuses on common learning characteristics of ASD students I think it will be helpful for a range of students in the class. Here is the link I

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Connect. ed


I have just finished doing the four modules for this week’s learning path on connect ed about cyber safety. I was quite surprised at how much I already new especially about the terminology, must be osmosis living in an IT literate household. I enjoyed some of the activities and found some of the resources quite useful and informative but others, like the simulated Face Book pages, I found quiet tedious ( might be my age). I was sorry the detective page was unavailable, I will try and go back to it later as I think it could be quite good. Here is a copy of my certificate.

{c1e14570-96cc-47e4-8b82-1eb8b9bc7689} conect ed certificate

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Mean girls turns 10. Nine ways it would be different today

I saw this article on the American ABC and was struck by how different the movie plot would be today because of all the new technology. It is amazing to think that 10 years ago smart phones were not the norm, Facebook, blogging, Instagram, and Snapchat were not the way teenagers normally communicated. They still used pen and paper to write the burn book and it was photocopied to put up around the school, today it would be shared on line reaching a far wider audience.  This link is a bit of fun, but really brings home how fast ICTs are developing and changing the way we interact with each other and our environment. 

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New skills for a new age

New skills for a new age

I came across this image when browsing on my favorite blog Educational Technology and Mobile Learning It has a lot of really good ideas, suggestions and resources. I must say looking at these nine skills students need to master, left me feeling a little overwhelmed. As a future teacher how am I going to ensure my students are equipped with all these skills? I think some of the most important skills the students will need is to be able to evaluate information and exercise critical thinking skills.

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Margie to the rescue

I have just read Margie’s blog how she battles to find what she needs from creative commons but has now found a great new web site at . I am indebted to her because I have always had trouble finding exactly what I need and this website looks really good. 

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Tiki -Toki time line software

 Sophie’s has found  great soft ware for creating time lines  blog  She has given an example on her blog of how she used it for creating a timeline for when her assignments are due. The software is called Tiki- Toki and can be found at It allows you to create a very interactive time line that can even have YouTube videos uploaded onto it, so no more boring timelines. 


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Assignment Blues

This assignment is driving me crazy, I am flip flopping between Science and English. One minute I am, wow let’s do English it will be great the students can make a digital story! Then I swap and decide, no Science will much better, look at all these great ideas and experiments I can do with them. Then it’s back to English, no there is more technology to use in English. Then Science….. it is more inquiry based. I am so confused and time is ticking away. The rest of my family have gone to the Blues and Roots festival in Byron so I really am feeling sorry for myself. Finally I think I have settled on English and have found a great E journal to use in the classroom that’s free. It is called Penzu classroom and can be found at Happy Easter everyone hope yours is assignment free unlike mine!

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Sharing Resources and teaching with Instagram

Just found another great site for special education on Fiona’s blog which is at, It links to this site which has great resources for planning and teaching students with special needs. At the moment they are giving away free autism apps so it is worth having a look at, as I am sure we will all have students with autism in our class at some stage. I also came across this interesting site about teaching students using Instagram it has a webinar and slide show plus a range of ideas for using instagram. It is not something I would have thought to use but some of the ideas look quite good. Not being able to enlarge pictures or copy and paste easily may be deterrents, but maybe I am old fashioned and need to broaden my horizons.

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