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My Prac Class

on May 14, 2014

I spent yesterday with my prac class and am really excited. It is a year 2/3 composite class with 6 students, 4 have ASD and ADHD and the other two are intellectually impaired. They are really such a great bunch of kids and although there are a few challenging behaviours  my prac teacher is great and pulls them back into line really quickly. Academically they are at about a grade one level, and need lots of practice with fine motor skills. My teacher is not very ICT savvy but is willing to let me have a go. I am going to be teaching time, starting with day and night and the hours. Anybody have any good ideas for those subjects? Any help will be appreciated. My challenge will be to get the students to do work on the iPad as opposed to just using it for games as a reward for good behaviour.  Feeling a bit overwhelmed with having to have two 60% assignments due within days of prac finishing. Good luck everyone with prac.


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