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‘Look up’ You Tube video

on May 7, 2014

I have just finished reading Tamra-Lee’s blog about the ‘look up” video that was posted on Face Book. It has had quite an impact on her and is worth reading. Her blog is at My 19 yr daughter left her phone at home the other day and came home full of stories about how it had affected her day. Most importantly she did not have the time and ran late for all her lectures, she missed catching up with a friend when he change the venue. When she got home she had 6 snap chats, 8 text messages and numerous unanswered emails. She commented about how weird the day was, to be out of reach, and have no contact with anyone. I asked how she felt about it and she at first it was a bit stressful but then she found it really liberating not to be tied to her phone and she really had a great day.  Needless to say she has not left her phone behind again and is back letting it rule her life. The link to the video if you have not seen it is Thanks again to Tamara-Lee for her great blog and link to the video.



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