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Assignment Blues

on April 19, 2014

This assignment is driving me crazy, I am flip flopping between Science and English. One minute I am, wow let’s do English it will be great the students can make a digital story! Then I swap and decide, no Science will much better, look at all these great ideas and experiments I can do with them. Then it’s back to English, no there is more technology to use in English. Then Science….. it is more inquiry based. I am so confused and time is ticking away. The rest of my family have gone to the Blues and Roots festival in Byron so I really am feeling sorry for myself. Finally I think I have settled on English and have found a great E journal to use in the classroom that’s free. It is called Penzu classroom and can be found at Happy Easter everyone hope yours is assignment free unlike mine!


One response to “Assignment Blues

  1. […] Anne has described in her blog as assignment blues I know how she feels. I too have changed so many times just within the content […]

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