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Curriculum and criteria for assignment 2

on April 7, 2014

I will be doing my prac in a year 2/3 composite class in a special education unit. My class has 6 autistic boys with various abilities. They each have a mini iPad which is being used as a trial to communicate between home and school. Due to this focus on communication I have chosen to do an English unit plan. I am struggling to adapt the curriculum to suit the needs of the students as I don’t know how many are non verbal and what writing and reading skills they have already acquired. I have only used the year 2 curriculum from ACARA  but would imagine this may need to altered substantially when I am on  prac.

English Year 2


Language:Language for interaction

Identify language that can be used for appreciating texts and the qualities of people and things (ACELA1462)


Literature: Creating Literature

Create events and characters using different media that develop key events and characters from literary texts (ACELT1593)

Literacy: Creating text

Reread and edit text for spelling, sentence-boundary punctuation and text structure (ACELY1672)



Students create a known story from a different point of view , using language to construct characters, feelings and settings to suit the type of text.  They accurately spell known words and use punctuation correctly.




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