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Thank goodness for the mid semester break

on April 3, 2014

I am very glad the mid semester break has arrived because I will be doing a lot of catching up and assignment work over the holidays. I am really not sure how I have fallen so far behind in everything. I had though I would do year 6 mathematics for my unit plan for assignment 2 and had finished stage one and two of the template, then I found out I am in a year 2 class with 6 autistic boys for my prac. So back to the drawing board as I try to work out what and how I will teach these boys, hmm wonder why I keep falling behind.

 One of my favorite sites, Free Technology for teachers had a summary of the ten most popular blogs for the month of March. It really is worth having a look at and can be found at I might be able to use The Reading Bear with my students on prac. 





One response to “Thank goodness for the mid semester break

  1. erinjemm says:

    Thanks for the link Anne – some good ideas there. And yes, thank goodness for the holidays – I too am so far behind, I need time to regroup, refocus etc.

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