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Mean girls turns 10. Nine ways it would be different today

I saw this article on the American ABC and was struck by how different the movie plot would be today because of all the new technology. It is amazing to think that 10 years ago smart phones were not the norm, Facebook, blogging, Instagram, and Snapchat were not the way teenagers normally communicated. They still used pen and paper to write the burn book and it was photocopied to put up around the school, today it would be shared on line reaching a far wider audience.  This link is a bit of fun, but really brings home how fast ICTs are developing and changing the way we interact with each other and our environment. 

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New skills for a new age

New skills for a new age

I came across this image when browsing on my favorite blog Educational Technology and Mobile Learning It has a lot of really good ideas, suggestions and resources. I must say looking at these nine skills students need to master, left me feeling a little overwhelmed. As a future teacher how am I going to ensure my students are equipped with all these skills? I think some of the most important skills the students will need is to be able to evaluate information and exercise critical thinking skills.

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Margie to the rescue

I have just read Margie’s blog how she battles to find what she needs from creative commons but has now found a great new web site at . I am indebted to her because I have always had trouble finding exactly what I need and this website looks really good. 

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Tiki -Toki time line software

 Sophie’s has found  great soft ware for creating time lines  blog  She has given an example on her blog of how she used it for creating a timeline for when her assignments are due. The software is called Tiki- Toki and can be found at It allows you to create a very interactive time line that can even have YouTube videos uploaded onto it, so no more boring timelines. 


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Assignment Blues

This assignment is driving me crazy, I am flip flopping between Science and English. One minute I am, wow let’s do English it will be great the students can make a digital story! Then I swap and decide, no Science will much better, look at all these great ideas and experiments I can do with them. Then it’s back to English, no there is more technology to use in English. Then Science….. it is more inquiry based. I am so confused and time is ticking away. The rest of my family have gone to the Blues and Roots festival in Byron so I really am feeling sorry for myself. Finally I think I have settled on English and have found a great E journal to use in the classroom that’s free. It is called Penzu classroom and can be found at Happy Easter everyone hope yours is assignment free unlike mine!

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Sharing Resources and teaching with Instagram

Just found another great site for special education on Fiona’s blog which is at, It links to this site which has great resources for planning and teaching students with special needs. At the moment they are giving away free autism apps so it is worth having a look at, as I am sure we will all have students with autism in our class at some stage. I also came across this interesting site about teaching students using Instagram it has a webinar and slide show plus a range of ideas for using instagram. It is not something I would have thought to use but some of the ideas look quite good. Not being able to enlarge pictures or copy and paste easily may be deterrents, but maybe I am old fashioned and need to broaden my horizons.

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Helpful resorces

I found a really interesting website on Steve’s blog called Webcheck you can see his blog at  f it is worth looking at, it has lots of great information.  Webcheck can be used to evaluate a Web site that you are thinking about using for your homework or class project or just something you want to explore on your own. Like books, videos or magazines, it is important to know whether the Web sites you use are trustworthy and believable. This is a link to Webcheck It is a good evaluation tool to teach older students to use, to help them assess whether a website is authentic and trustworthy.

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Great ADHD visuals


I found these two visuals on ADHD and thought they were worth sharing. This is a link to the web page I think it is really important for all teachers to know about ADHD as it is becoming more prevalent in classrooms. Irrespective of whether you believe ADHD to be over diagnosed and whether you think it should or should not be medicated, I think the following two visuals are worth looking at. These images give a quick overview of what ADHD looks like in a student and some very basic strategies on how to help the student.



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Curriculum and criteria for assignment 2

I will be doing my prac in a year 2/3 composite class in a special education unit. My class has 6 autistic boys with various abilities. They each have a mini iPad which is being used as a trial to communicate between home and school. Due to this focus on communication I have chosen to do an English unit plan. I am struggling to adapt the curriculum to suit the needs of the students as I don’t know how many are non verbal and what writing and reading skills they have already acquired. I have only used the year 2 curriculum from ACARA  but would imagine this may need to altered substantially when I am on  prac.

English Year 2


Language:Language for interaction

Identify language that can be used for appreciating texts and the qualities of people and things (ACELA1462)


Literature: Creating Literature

Create events and characters using different media that develop key events and characters from literary texts (ACELT1593)

Literacy: Creating text

Reread and edit text for spelling, sentence-boundary punctuation and text structure (ACELY1672)



Students create a known story from a different point of view , using language to construct characters, feelings and settings to suit the type of text.  They accurately spell known words and use punctuation correctly.



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Thank goodness for the mid semester break

I am very glad the mid semester break has arrived because I will be doing a lot of catching up and assignment work over the holidays. I am really not sure how I have fallen so far behind in everything. I had though I would do year 6 mathematics for my unit plan for assignment 2 and had finished stage one and two of the template, then I found out I am in a year 2 class with 6 autistic boys for my prac. So back to the drawing board as I try to work out what and how I will teach these boys, hmm wonder why I keep falling behind.

 One of my favorite sites, Free Technology for teachers had a summary of the ten most popular blogs for the month of March. It really is worth having a look at and can be found at I might be able to use The Reading Bear with my students on prac. 




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