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Troubles with Prezi

on March 31, 2014

I am very glad to say I have finally finished my artefact. On Friday afternoon I tried to upload my Prezi to the internet and half way through the upload it just froze and remained stuck somewhere in the stratosphere. Eventually I used my daughters computer to re-log into Prezi and the only version i could find was a week old. Everything was gone. I was hysterical and made my husband come home from work to fix my disaster. My miracle man was fresh out of miracles and said the file must have been corrupted (I blame those Colombian hotties). So I crawled into bed at 8.30 pm and had a bit of a cry. Saturday morning I was back re-entering everything and by 2 pm I had caught up and went to up load my file again. Fortunately, I copied it onto my USB first because it did the same thing again, deposited all my work into the stratosphere and came back empty! Apparently my computer  corrupted Prezi when I down loaded it. Not sure what all this corruption talk actually means, what I understand is that my computer hates me and from now on I use my daughters when doing anything with Prezi. I am glad this is finally over, disasters aside, I found Prezi quite finicky to work with and would probably not choose to use it again. 


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