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Reflection on week 2

on March 15, 2014

Right two weeks down, feeling challenged, excited, confused, unsure and a little less over whelmed. Still battling coming to terms with what the assignment requires but Louise says that just me doing my usual  “over-thinking things” hope she is right.

I really enjoyed Erin’s blog on  Neil Postman’s talk “Five things we need to know about technological change”. I found her comments interesting and thought provoking and recommend you read it at

I also enjoyed the Google spread sheet of 150 innovations based on the “Decoding Learning” report. Some of the resources looked really good. I am constantly trying to work out how they could be adapted to a special education setting. Technology is so important in removing learning barriers for people with disabilities, but there are so many programs out there it becomes really difficult and time consuming working out what is best for each student. I also fear with my limited technology experience I will not be able to make the correct decision and hence will be more of a hindrance than a help to my future students.


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