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“Press This” is a wonderful tool!

on March 8, 2014

I have just discovered Press This as a tool to use for blogging. It is a bookmark-let and allows you to quickly make post to your blogs including videos, text or pictures from other sites, it embeds them and includes the URL. Please view this site as it explains it better than I do  and is as simple as dragging the Press This tool onto your various browsers. One tip, watch out if more than member of the family has a blog with WordPress. All of a sudden Press This would not let me down load into my blog because it thought it was my husbands blog and kept bringing up a message saying “sneaky hey”. So now I have renamed mine ‘Press This Anne’ to avoid confusion. Now I have to stop playing with all these new internet tools and put some time into my other subjects.


3 responses to ““Press This” is a wonderful tool!

  1. Wow, I think I have just learnt something new. This may just make it to the top of my favourite tools list (amongst Diigo, Feedly, Evernote and WordPress).
    Thank you Anne.

  2. That is really great, I can see it saving me a great deal of time. Thanks Anne.

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