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Fine with Feedly and Wordle

on March 7, 2014

I really like Feedly and have found it to be user friendly (if I can use it, it must be easy to use). I had some initial problems getting the recommended files to download but Darren McMullin  sorted my problems out and I have not looked back. I have also discovered Wordle These word clouds could be an interesting tool for students to use in classroom. I think it could be useful in a special education setting as it could provide a visual representation of the themes of a novel or passage the students were reading or it could highlight behaviors the students felt were appropriate. It could also be used to compare and contrast different things. This is an example I found on the Wordle gallery.




4 responses to “Fine with Feedly and Wordle

  1. You did all the work, i just offered a couple of suggestions but thank you for the kind words.

  2. […] students interests on Powerpoints or to engage them with worksheets. A fellow USQ student blogger Anne explains it’s merits in the Special Education sector, which I think is very interesting! […]

  3. sfaulds says:

    You read my mind with Wordle Anne..
    I have myself use Wordle on previous prac’s and on some of my assignments. I love it, this is a great tool teachers and students could use in a variety of ways.
    Thank-you for sharing this.

  4. cathhomlea says:

    Thanks for Sharing Anne! I will be sure to look into & have a ‘play’ with wordle! What a great tool. Cath.

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