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The intricacies of setting up a blog

on March 2, 2014

I was proud of myself setting up my blog account with no apparent trouble. This was easy any fool could do it I was ahead of time and ready to share my page on the study desk. Then the fun and games began, I realised I had set my blog up using my student number instead of my name. How hard could it be to fix this I asked myself? Surely it’s just a small matter of editing the settings. Well, four hours later I had reverted to my technology infant self: yelling and crying. WordPress was just stupid etc. Eventually, I put pride aside and called in the big guns, my ICT literate husband. He was truly impressed with the amazing tangle I had got myself into. I think I had eleven blog accounts and changed so many settings not even he could work out how I had changed them. Anyway, the amazing man deleted my many blog accounts fixed my settings and talked me through the small change I had to make. So here we are a blog with my correct name, hooray! I really identified with the Medieval Technology Problems on study desk, that is me!



4 responses to “The intricacies of setting up a blog

  1. Anne I managed to have my student number in my address also. I changed my name but not my student number in the address.

  2. Steve Druery says:

    Love your work Anne.
    I have tried to check out Bec Peacock’s blog and it has been deleted and also when I click o Michelle’s , all I see is a gravatar.
    I wonder where I’m going wrong. Any thoughts?

  3. […] but the software on her laptop won’t let her use it without permission! Unless you’re Anne and have a user named Colombian Hotties following you (she won’t admit it online, but […]

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