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Troubles with Prezi

I am very glad to say I have finally finished my artefact. On Friday afternoon I tried to upload my Prezi to the internet and half way through the upload it just froze and remained stuck somewhere in the stratosphere. Eventually I used my daughters computer to re-log into Prezi and the only version i could find was a week old. Everything was gone. I was hysterical and made my husband come home from work to fix my disaster. My miracle man was fresh out of miracles and said the file must have been corrupted (I blame those Colombian hotties). So I crawled into bed at 8.30 pm and had a bit of a cry. Saturday morning I was back re-entering everything and by 2 pm I had caught up and went to up load my file again. Fortunately, I copied it onto my USB first because it did the same thing again, deposited all my work into the stratosphere and came back empty! Apparently my computer  corrupted Prezi when I down loaded it. Not sure what all this corruption talk actually means, what I understand is that my computer hates me and from now on I use my daughters when doing anything with Prezi. I am glad this is finally over, disasters aside, I found Prezi quite finicky to work with and would probably not choose to use it again. 

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My Reasons for using ICT in Special Education

Please click on the link below to view my presentation on why I would use Information, Communication and Technology when teaching students in special education.



Read&Write for Google Literacy Tools Make Cloud Collaboration Accessible

Read&Write for Google Literacy Tools Make Cloud Collaboration Accessible.


This looks like a great resource to use for helping students with literacy difficulties. I have used Read&Write Gold years ago while working at a special school but this seems so seamless and more user friendly. I think having a dictionary that reads out the definition of the words and has pictures will provide a lot of support for students.  They can then add these words to their “Vocabulary list builder” and it keeps them in a new document with the definition and image. There are a lot of  valuable tools on this site that will really support students learning needs.

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The 11 Ways Schools Use Social Media ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

The 11 Ways Schools Use Social Media ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning.

I though this was quite  interesting especially the bit about how well schools are using social media. The link above has a bit more detail.It is quite interesting to see where the growth in technology use has been with schools. I wonder if the blogging usage has not change because of the restrictions put on by schools for student safety makes it more difficult to use and so is less engaging.

social media in education  


Top 10 Alternative & Augmentative Communication (AAC) Apps for iPad

Kirstie posted an blog about ICT’s helping people communicate which was very interesting. She referred to a site Top 10 Alternative & Augmentative Communication (AAC) Apps for iPad which is rich with information about assistive technologies. Kirstie’s blog can be found at it is really good and she has collated all the technology we could use for this assignment and listed the pros and cons, really helpful. So if you are confused about prezi, weebly or glogster go and see her site for inspiration. I have decided to use Prezi for my artifact because I thought it would be the easiest however, I have really battled with the technical aspect of getting it all to work. I have spent many hours and shed even more tears on this new learning curve that is Prezi.

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TED Talks: What FACEBOOK And GOOGLE Are Hiding From The World – YouTube

I found this Ted Talk quite confronting.  Maybe I am naive but I had no idea that the information I receive on the internet has gone through filters and is  tailored to what it thinks I want or am interested in. You really don’t decide on what gets put in or taken out of the information you receive.  I might be over reacting but it made feel quite uncomfortable to think algorithms are filtering the information I receive.I would love your feed back on this, it only goes for 8 minutes and even if you only watch some of it I think it will make you think.



The Global One Room Schoolhouse: John Seely Brown

I know this is a long video (11.30 minutes) but I thought it very relevant to this course and quite inspiring. It is an animated highlight of John Seely Brown’s Keynote Presentation, “Cultivating the Entrepreneurial Learner in the 21st Century,” at the 2012 Digital Media and Learning Conference. I guess connecting to different teachers across the world and to different educational sites could be like having a global staff room sharing ideas and resources, but in the comfort of your home or classroom. I am still coming to terms with how I will embed technology in the class room so it is meaningful and transforms students learning.

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Digital Storytelling Apps and Sites

I found this list of digital resources on the Teach & learning Advisor blog  while researching my artifact: 50 Sites and Apps for Digital Storytelling at Some of the app’s look really good and would definitely engage the students with their learning. It is written by David Kapuler who has been an educational consultant for 10 years and his blog can be found at Pixton for schools looks like one I could use to engage reluctant writers in a special education class

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Reflection on week 2

Right two weeks down, feeling challenged, excited, confused, unsure and a little less over whelmed. Still battling coming to terms with what the assignment requires but Louise says that just me doing my usual  “over-thinking things” hope she is right.

I really enjoyed Erin’s blog on  Neil Postman’s talk “Five things we need to know about technological change”. I found her comments interesting and thought provoking and recommend you read it at

I also enjoyed the Google spread sheet of 150 innovations based on the “Decoding Learning” report. Some of the resources looked really good. I am constantly trying to work out how they could be adapted to a special education setting. Technology is so important in removing learning barriers for people with disabilities, but there are so many programs out there it becomes really difficult and time consuming working out what is best for each student. I also fear with my limited technology experience I will not be able to make the correct decision and hence will be more of a hindrance than a help to my future students.

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Connectivism in action

Wow just seen a great example of connectivism in action. Louise posted a blog about acronyms with a link to article on your Personal Learning Network and the author responded. If you want to see her blog it is at

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