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Finished Prac

Wow, prac went so fast I cannot believe the three weeks are over, I am exhausted but happy. I had a great mentor and learned a lot from her although not very much about ICT’s or had many opportunities to use as much as I had planned due the long down load time. I  used mainly pre- down loaded You Tubes or the iPad, thank goodness for USB’s. I had so many other great ICT activities to do on the white board that just became redundant due to connection problems, slow down load time and the many, many, many times you have to log in and then re-log into google. When you have 6 ASD, ADHD students in your class, waiting for programs to download is not feasible. Now to finish the last assignment in Rosebud (sadly) instead of Spain. 

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The 8 key elements of digital literacgy

While I was searching for resources for prac I came across this great article on the  Edudemic site talking about the essential elements of digital literacy. It is a worth having a look at the full article it can be found at It did not solve my problem of trying to find digital resources for teaching time but I will tuck it away for future reference. 

Essential Elements of Digital Literacy

  • Cultural – Look at the context in which the literacy is situated
  • Cognitive – How do we think when we are using a device (vs when we are not)?
  • Constructive – We should aim to use technology in a constructive (vs a passive) way
  • Communicative – We should be using technology to enhance our communications
  • Confident – You need to be confident to jump in feet first and explore/use/master/learn technology
  • Creative – Using technology in the classroom requires some creativity and risk taking – don’t stick to the basics when you can test out a new idea or use for technology
  • Critical – You need the ability to look at the technologies you’re using (and what you’re using them for) with a critical eye
  • Civic– We should be using the technologies available to us for greater good (which can be widely defined)

digital literacies


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oops first lesson a shock

Yesterday I taught my first lesson on time and got a horrible shock. When I asked the students what they did in the morning, afternoon and night I realised they had no concept of these time frames. They did not know what they did when, or if afternoon came before night. Bang went my lesson! I also realised that I needed to have a lot more shorter activities to keep them busy and cater to the short attention spans of the ASD learners. Another helpful strategy to get the lesson back on track was to whisper the story, they all stopped giggling and fighting and began to listen. Today I will start at the very beginning with a sequencing activity on our daily routine. How I gey from there to time on a clock I am not sure yet.

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Table of Theorists

The table

Theory Purpose Application to Assignment 3/Professional Experience
CLEM Model Help understand how to learn about a new ICT and how to use it to enhance student learning. If there are any new ICTs you need to use it might help your explorations.

Hence might be useful as a part of the planning process for Part B.

TPACK framework  Technological pedagogical content knowledge  Understanding the different types for knowledge and where and how they overlap. Good tool for reflection as you can see where the lesson was good or fell apart
Backwards design  Design unit from curriculum –assessment- objectives-lesson plans  Ensures alignment in unit plan. no because I will not be planning a unit just teaching lessons within a unit.
SAMR Model   Substitution Augmentation Modification Redefinition Model offers a method of seeing how computer technology might impact teaching and learning.  Yes will definitely be using this too see how I can move ICT from substitution to transformation.
TIP Model  Technology integrated plan 6 phases include TPack and backward design  Might use it for reflection
The 5Es  Engage explore explain elaborate evaluate  No not suitable for the students I am teaching and the content
WALT & WILF  I do we do you do. Also What am I looking for, We are learning to ….

Models explicitly for students, then collaborate, then allows students to transform knowledge.

 Models explicitly for students, then collaborate, then allows students to transform knowledge. Maybe not sure of the model the teacher uses in the class.
Connectivism  The way students build on new knowledge by using prior knowledge often involves group work  Have ASD students who are non-verbal so maybe no group work at this stage. Will build on prior knowledge
Bloom’s taxonomy  Making sure all levels of thinking are being used in the classroom  Ensures higher order thinking is being included in lesson
Postman’s 5 things  no  no
Toolbelt theory/TEST framework  Adding to your technology repertoire.  Will definitely beading to my tool belt and seeing what works and what doesn’t. not sure if this is correct
PKM  Personal knowledge management (PKM) iIt is a bottom-up approach to knowledge , as opposed to more traditional, top-down. It is a response to the idea that knowledge students increasingly need to be responsible for their own growth and learning  no
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Ted Talk on teaching teachers the magic of engagement

This is a six minute video on how and where we can learn the skills to engage our students. The first bit of the talk really did resonate with me. I think we all aspire to be engaging teachers and it just made me realise that while on prac I must remember that how I say things and what I do, is just as important as the content. It was fun to watch and while I am not about to become either a rap artist or a Pentecostal preacher it did give me some ideas to use on prac. Hope you enjoy the talk.

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On the lookout for free apps

I was reading Louise’s blog earlier and she mentioned you could free apps, I did not know about this and think I might have to do some stalking into what sites she follows.  She uploaded a really good one that I may steal for my prac class it is about the Tortoise and the Hare you can see it here I really liked the interactive nature of the app (colour and movement get me every time) and the fact that you could record your own or the students voice reading the story. Have a look at her blog it is really worth the read she can be found at

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My Prac Class

I spent yesterday with my prac class and am really excited. It is a year 2/3 composite class with 6 students, 4 have ASD and ADHD and the other two are intellectually impaired. They are really such a great bunch of kids and although there are a few challenging behaviours  my prac teacher is great and pulls them back into line really quickly. Academically they are at about a grade one level, and need lots of practice with fine motor skills. My teacher is not very ICT savvy but is willing to let me have a go. I am going to be teaching time, starting with day and night and the hours. Anybody have any good ideas for those subjects? Any help will be appreciated. My challenge will be to get the students to do work on the iPad as opposed to just using it for games as a reward for good behaviour.  Feeling a bit overwhelmed with having to have two 60% assignments due within days of prac finishing. Good luck everyone with prac.

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The Technology Alphabet

I came across this great graphic on Edudemic web page Thinking back to what was available when I learned the alphabet makes me feel really old. There are still so many technologies I have not even heard of let alone know what they are, for example, what is Zorpia or orkut? What would your technology alphabet look like? After looking at this I know I still have a long way to go to fully immerse myself in all technology has to offer.

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Dyslexia differences

I was really interested to read Bec’s blog on Dyslexia which can be found at She talks bout the fact that  for most learners when it comes to over-learning and repetition it takes around 7 times, for those who have learning differences it can take 49 times longer! Like Bec, I had thought it might take double time but was astounded to find out it was 49 times more. I was just thinking about the impact this will have on my teaching practice, how will it be possible to find the time in an already overcrowded curriculum to give these students the support and help they need. In some cases parents may be able to help their children but they may have learning difficulties themselves. I must say this had made me feel a little overwhelmed. Anyway, I recommend you read Bec’s blog on this it is really informative.


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How to connect an iPad to a Smartboard

I found this video on Te@chthought which can be found at

I thought it might be useful to know about before we go out on prac. It looks pretty simple from the video and there is a short article that goes with it if you want to have a look at it.